About editions

There are three editions of endpoints.

  • Basic

  • Block lists

  • MORE

Each varies in functionality and performance.

The schema across all editions remains consistent which delivers the following benefits:

  • Consistent integration with a consistent entity model

  • Easily change between editions based on data depth versus performance requirements.


Basic level performs simple, compute only email address syntax checks.

This is the fastest performing end point.

Performance: Fastest

Block lists

Performs basic level checks plus:

  • DNS lookups

  • Checking of email infrastructure against Email Hippo and third party lists for DEA and spam or other anti-social behavior.

Performance: Medium


The most thorough analysis and data enrichment.

Performs basic and block lists levels plus:

  • Deep mail box verification

  • Web site PING

  • Social enrichment

  • Spam scoring

  • Spam Trap analysis

  • Send Scoring

  • Hippo Trust Scoring

Performance: Least fast

For more information on performance and features see Endpoint details.