Confidence in data security

With ISO27001:2017 certification, robust technology and clearly defined policies and procedures, you can trust Email Hippo with your data.

See Compliance for more information.

> 99.99% Service availability

Fully load balanced and automatic fail-over systems dispersed across multiple data centers in multiple regions deliver enterprise grade resilience.

See Service reliability for more information on availability and SLA.

Multiple response formats

Since Version 3 of Email Hippo’s services, it has set the bar higher for email address verification integration. Whilst most of Email Hippo’s competitors only offer JSON, Email Hippo goes further with giving our customers more protocol options:

  • JSON (industry standard modern text based interchange.)

  • XML (industry standard legacy text based interchange. Great for interop with older systems.)

  • BSON (industry standard binary based interchange. Ideal for direct storage in mongoDB.)

  • protobuf (Google standard for binary based interchange. Ideal for applications requiring low bandwidth and high performance.)

Easy integration

See Client libraries to see how quick and easy it is to integrate with Email Hippo’s services from over 19 different technologies and platforms.

Fanatical service quality management (SQM)

Email Hippo’s operational staff obsessively monitor services to ensure the best possible uptime and coverage.

Uptime and functional correctness is actively monitored on a minute by minute basis from multiple data centers dispersed across North America, Europe and Asia.

Fast, transparent response times

Every query response includes stopwatch data that shows the time taken to execute the request.

Proprietary scoring and risk assessment

  • Send risk assessment scoring based on Email Hippo proprietary scoring heuristics (new)

  • Spam assessment and block-list risk scoring based on Email Hippo rules and 3rd party data sources including SpamHaus (new)

  • Overall risk scoring based on Email Hippo assessment of Send Risk combined with spam assessment (new)

Multi factor verification and data enrichment

Progressive verification using multiple verification processes including:

  • Syntax checking

  • DNS checking

  • Block-list checking (e.g. spamhaus)

  • Web infrastructure checking

  • Mailbox checking

  • Proprietary risk scoring including assessment of risks for receiving email from (spam), sending email to (send score) and overall risk assesment.

Unrivalled coverage

Email Hippo leverages the advantages of its scalable infrastructure to provide coverage of domains that are technically challenging. Consumer facing domains tend to be more challenging to cover then business facing domains B2C domains including:

  • Hotmail

  • Yahoo

  • Office 365

  • AOL

  • Yandex

Spam trap detection

Email Hippo has developed technology that can effectively identify any probable Spam Trap.

Disposable email address detection

Advanced disposable email address detection based on Email Hippo’s multi-vector real-time analysis.

Features include:

  • Checking against static lists

  • Real-time detection of common DEA providers obfuscation techniques (e.g. rotating domains, IP addresses and MX servers)

Gibberish detection

A common vector for persons wishing to remain anonymous is to register or use a pre-existing domain. Finding an available domain is not easy and as such, many opt for a ‘Gibberish’ domain such as `sdfre45321qaxc.com`.

Email Hippo detects gibberish in both the user and domain elements of an email address.

Unrivalled performance

Strategic data centers in Europe, aggressive caching, global network delivery optimization and cloud based auto-scaling deliver outstanding performance. Typical queries are answered between 0.2 to 1.0 seconds.

On screen reporting

Every account comes with a secure on-line portal for customers to view their current and historic usage via simple but powerful, user-friendly charts and reports.

Thoughtful versioning

Endpoints are “versioned”. This means that Email Hippo can continue to release new functionality without “breaking” existing client integrations which use legacy endpoints.

What it does

Email Hippo is used to check email addresses in real-time. Not only are syntax and domain checked, but that the user mailbox is available too. This is the only way to know for sure if an email address is valid.

Additionally identified as part of the email verification process is extra information including:

How it works

Email addresses are verified using various filters and processes. As a high level overview, an email address submitted for verification goes thorough the following filters:


A basic inspection of the syntax of the email address to see if it looks valid. Work is done only using server CPU based on simple pattern matching algorithms.


Verifies a domain exists in DNS. Domains that do not exist in DNS cannot have mail servers or email boxes.

DNS checks are performed over the network.


Verify MX records using DNS. Domains that do not have MX records, have no mail servers and therefore no valid email boxes.

MX checks are performed over the network.


Verify email boxes with SMTP checks.

Connect to mail server and perform SMTP protocol to verify if mailbox exists.

This is the deepest level of verification. It is performed over the network.