Service reliability

Reliability of your systems is important to you and your clients. You can be sure that we won’t let you down when you use our services in your business applications.

By using the latest, distributed cloud based systems, we give deliver fast response times together with enterprise grade uptime of more than 99.99%.

About our infrastructure

We operate three data centers geographically dispersed as follows:

  • Europe (Netherlands)

  • United Kingdom (Ireland)

  • United Kingdom (London)

Data centers provide automatic fail over to another working data center.

Network traffic is optimized for fast, reliable global delivery using Cloudflare Argo.

Service level agreement

Our API has a stated SLA that ensures that we provide you with more than 99.99% uptime for our services.

Read our terms of service for more information - Terms of Service.

Real time monitoring

We use a third party service to monitor all of our endpoints for availability, function and response times.

Live uptime report

Report shows functional requests. Functional requests are queries containing real email addresses for validation.

Uptime Report for Email Hippo (v3.x / 'More') REST API - Function: Last 30 days

Live response time report

Report shows response times from the functional API endpoint.

Uptime Report for Email Hippo (v3.x / 'More') REST API - Function: Last 30 days

Full monitoring statistics

See our Pingdom site for more information.